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Single Port Ethernet Surge Protector

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CLFE(X)COAXCLFE(X)COAX (Ethernet-over-Coax Extender with Pass-Through PoE)
CLFE(X)UTPCLFE(X)UTP (Ethernet-over-UTP/Twisted Pair Extender with Pass-Through PoE)
CLFE4US1TPCCLFE4US1TPC (4-port Ethernet Switch with UTP/Twisted Copper and Coaxial Cable Extender)
CLFE(X)IPSCLFE(X)IPS (High-Power PoE Mid-Span Injector)

The ComNet™ CopperLine™ CLESP provides surge protection for Ethernet connections operating under potentials of high surge resulting from conditions such as lighting strikes or power fluctuations. Protection is provided concurrent to the IEC EN55024 Immunity characteristics for continuous and transient, conducted and radiated disturbances, including electrostatic discharges (ESD). The CLESP requires the shield of the RJ-45 connectors to be connected to the chassis ground.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram
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