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FDX70E(A,B)(M,S)1 FDX70E(A,B)(M,S)1
Universal RS232/422/485 Data Point-to-Point Transceiver
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FDX72(M,S)1 FDX72(M,S)1
Universal Data Drop & Repeat Multi-protocol RS232/422/485 Data Transceiver
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Multi-protocol RS232/422/485 Data Transceiver featuring Self-Healing Ring Operation
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RS232/422 Point-to-Point Data Transceiver
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FDX55 FDX55 Series
RS232/422 DB25 Connector, Drop & Repeat, RTS/CTS Time with Anti-Streaming
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FDX57 Series FDX57 Series
Multi-protocol RS232/422/485 Data Transceiver featuring Self-healing Ring Operation
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FDX60(M,S)[-M] FDX60(M,S)[-M]
RS232/RS422/RS485 Data Transceiver
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4 Bi-directional Data Channels
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FDW1000(M,S) Series FDW1000(M,S) Series
Optical Wiegand, MagStripe & F/2F Data Extender
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EXP100 Series EXP100 Series
EXP100 Expansion Module for use with FDW1000 Wiegand Module
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FDXT1/E1(M,S)1(A,B) FDXT1/E1(M,S)1(A,B)
T1/E1 Point-to-Point Transceiver
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FDX2HSD(M,S)(1,2)(EA,EB)/M FDX2HSD(M,S)(1,2)(EA,EB)/M
Dual High Speed RS485 Data Transceiver
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RLFDX485(M,S)2/(24DC,48DC,HV) RLFDX485(M,S)2/(24DC,48DC,HV)NEW
Substation-Rated RS-422 and RS-485 2/4 Wire Data Link/Repeater
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RLFDX232(M,S)2/(24DC,48DC,HV) RLFDX232(M,S)2/(24DC,48DC,HV)NEW
Substation-Rated RS-232 and TTL Logic Data Link/Repeater
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