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100Mbps Ethernet over Coaxial Cable with Power

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CLFE(X)EO(C,U) CLFE(X)EO(C,U) Ethernet-over-Copper Extender With Pass-Through PoE
PoE Power Included
Total Ethernet Channels: 2 (Fast Ethernet: 2, Gigabit Ethernet: 0, 10Gbps Ethernet: 0)

The ComNet CWFE1POCOAX Series transports Ethernet and camera/device operating power between the remote device and head-end location using existing 75 ohm coaxial cable. It eliminates the need to have a separate power source at the remote location and provides operating power for the remote ComNet modem and PoE device. Based on the IEEE 802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE), the CWFE1POCOAXA provides up to 15.4 Watts of operating power to the remote PSE device. The CWFE1POCOAXA transports Ethernet data at rates of 100 Mbps over a distance of 230 meters (750 feet) over standard 75 ohm coaxial cable. The CWFE(1,2)POCOAXA is used at the head end and the CWFE1POCOAXBM is used at the remote location.

Note: The power supplies provided with ComNet products are designed for benign 0 to 50º C applications. Hardened power supplies are available, consult the factory to select the right power supply for your application.

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Application Diagram

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