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Traffic Detector Rack Industrially Hardened Managed Switch with (8) 10/100/1000Base-TX & (4) 100/1000Base-FX Ports & Optional PoE+

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Railway Hardened Gigabit PoE+ PSE SFP
Not available outside North America
Total Ethernet Channels: 12 (Fast Ethernet: 0, Gigabit Ethernet: 12, 10Gbps Ethernet: 0)

The ComNet CNGE12FX4TX8MS[POE]/TS is a twelve port, managed Ethernet switch. The switch is mechanically designed to fit into a NEMA TS2 traffic detector rack and derives power and ground from the backplane. The small form factor allows the user to take advantage of existing rack space already dedicated within an already space limited traffic cabinet making installation clean and easy. The four SFP ports are 100/1000Mbps capable, allowing single-mode or multimode optical fiber transmission with the use of optional SFPs. The density of the SFP ports allows for an optical drop-and-repeat, ring or star (north-south-east-west) topology to address the majority of traffic applications. The remaining eight RJ-45 ports allow for high-throughput 10/100/1000TX Gigabit connectivity on the local copper Ethernet access ports.
The CNGE12FX4TX8MSPOE/TS features IEEE 802.3at (30W) PoE on all eight RJ-45 Ethernet ports for PoE-compliant devices such as wireless radios or IP cameras. The ideal solution when footprint within the traffic cabinet is limited.
The Device-Binding function can prevent unauthorized network access, increasing security. The unit also provides advanced DOS/DDOS auto prevention. If IP flow becomes too large, too quickly, the switch will lock the source IP address for a set period preventing unauthorized access.

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