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New Product Releases

FDXT1/E1 ComNet T-1/E-1 Optical Transceiver/Extender Units


ComNet is introducing our new product series FDXT1/E1 Point-to-Point Fiber Optic T-1/E-1 Transceiver Unit. These units are intended for the optical transmission of T-1 or E-1 data that is commonly used in numerous digital telephony applications.

Self-Managed Switches ComNet Self-Managed Ethernet Switches

Self-Managed Switches

ComNet product series CNFE4SMS, CNFE4+1SMS(M,S)2 and CNFE5SMS are self-managed 10/100Base-TX Ethernet switches. The CNFE4SMS is a 4-port unit; the CNFE4+1SMS(M,S)2 and CNFE5SMS are 5-port devices. PoE+ (30 watts of Power over Ethernet) and a 100FX optical uplink port are available. The term “self-managed” is not an industry-standard designation; it is used here to refer to a switch that includes the features and functionality of an unmanaged Ethernet switch, as well as several key features typically found in managed switches, such as the ability to create port-based VLANs, and protection against video flooding of the network. Unlike all managed Ethernet switches, no programming or user-configuration is required when installing the ComNet Self-Managed Switch series; they are truly plug-and-play in operation. IEEE 802.1x-based VLAN management is included, eliminating the possibility of video flooding of the network, thereby differentiating this switch from conventional unmanaged switches.

FDC80 Series Supervised Switch/Relay Contact Closure Transmission System


the FDC80 is ideally suited to those applications where the user demands the highest level of security and control for their mission-critical remote switching and switch contact monitoring and status requirements, including fire alarm and intrusion detection systems, motor-operated gates, factory and industrial automation, etc.

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