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ComNet FV10, FV20, FV1001 FV2001, FV41, FV401, FV801, FV120, FV160, FV200, FV240, FV280, FV320 FV15M2, FV104, FV1021, FV109, FV1031, FV1014 FV2014, FV414, FV4014, FV8014, FV8018, FV160D8, FV240D8, FV320D8 FDX55, FDX60 FDC10, FDC8
American Fibertek 10, 20, MT-1, M100C, M1C, M30C, M300, M3C, M33C, VK-M100, VKM1, 210 220, 440, 404C, 904, 940, 860, 880, 980, 91600, 92400, 93200, 94000, 94800, 95600, 96400 1200B, 3200B, M3200, 1300, 3300, 1400, M1400, 3400, M3400, M1410, M1420, 1485, M1485, 3485, M3485, 911, M61, 1600, 3600, M3600, M1605, M1615, M1690, 913, 915 925SL, 8410C, 8423C, 8485C, 945, 8610C, 8623C, 8685C, 8810C, 8823C, 8885C, 90885C, 981, 985, 91685, 92485, 93285, 94085, 94885 02C, 03, 483T, 04, 0485, 481, 485, 480 80, 81, 82
Communications Specialties (CSI) Beamer V3105 7030, 7040 3810, 3820 7300, 7400 5002, 5012, 5018, XRD8050 XC/XR-1000A
GE/Fiber Options S700V, S701V, S702V, S705V, S706V, S7705V, S7706V S703V, S704V, S707V, S708V, 709V12, VS709V16, S7703V, S7704V, S7707V, S7708V, 9902 – 9910V S730DV, S731DV, S732DV, S733DV, S739DV, S7730DV, S7731DV, S7732DV, S7733DV, S7739DV S734DV, S735DV, S736DV, S737DV, S7734DV, 9902 - 9940VMPD S710D, S711D, S712D, S7711D, S7712D S250D, S251D, S2250D, S2251D
GE/IFS VT1101M, VT1001, VR1000, VR1001, VR1100, VR2100, FP1101, V4000, V14100, FP1101 V5000, V6010, V8000, V11000, V7400, V7800, V71200, V71600, V72000, V72400, V72800, V73200, FP6010 V1500, V1505, VD1505, V1900, V4500, V4700, V4900, V9900, VD14100, VD14330. FP1500WDM, FP1505WDM, FP1910WDM V5000-DRDT, V7400-2DRDT, V7800-2DRDT, V71200-2DRDT, V71600-2DRDT, V72000-2DRDT, V72400-2DRDT, V72800-2DRDT, V73200-2DRDT D1000, D1100, D1300, D1315, D2100, D2300, D2315, D9100, D9100E, D9100WDM, D9100WDME D1810, D1800, D3000
Infinova N3510, N3511, N3610, N3810 N3542, N3742, M3544, N3744, N3546, N3746, N3548, N3748, N3642, N3644 N3729, N3530, N3730, N3531, N3731, N3631, N3831, N3635 N3551, N3751, N3553, N3753, N3554, N3754, N3556, N3756, N3557, N3757, N3559, N3759, N3651, N3655 N3571, N3771, N3674 N3579, N3779
Meridian 100µ, 100µB, 100, 140, 145, ST/SR-1W, ST/SR-1U-x, MT/MR-1U-x , DT/DR-1W ST/SR-2V & 2W, ST/SR-2W, ST/SR-4V, ST/SR-3U-x, DT/DR-4V, DT/DR-8V, DT/DR-12V, DT/DR-16V, DT/DR-6W, DT/DR-8W, DT/DR-xV, DT/DR-xW ST/SR-1W / 1F, ST/SR-1W / 1G, BT/SR-1W1F/1F-P, ST/SR-1W1F/1F-P, ST/SR-1W1G / 1G, ST/SR-1W2G / 2G, ST/SR-1U1G / 1G, DT/DR-1V1D/1D, DT/DR-1W1D/1D, DT/DR-1W1D1F/1D1F, DT/DR-1W2D1F/2D1F, DT/DR-1W1MPS, DT/DR-1W1G/1G, DT/DR-2V1D/1D DT/DR-2V2D/2D, DT/DR-2V(W) 1K/1K, DT/DR-2V2F/2F, DT/DR-2W1G/1G, DT/DR-2W2G/2G, DT/DR-2W3G/3G, DX-2V2F, DT/DR-4V/1F, DT/DR-4V(W)/4F, DT/DR-4V/4M, DT/DR-4V1D/1D, DT/DR-4V1F/1F, DT/DR-4V1G/1G, DT/DR-4V1K/1K, DT/DR-4V2K/2K, DT/DR-4W/1F, DT/DR-4W1F1K/1F1K, DT/DR-4W1G/1G, DT/DR-4W2F2J/2F2J, DT/DR-6V/1F, DT/DR-6V1J/1J, DT/DR-6V4J/4J, DT/DR-6V1K/1K, DT/DR-8V/1F, DX-1V1D 1300, 1300i, 1400, 1400i, 1800, 1800i, SXT-1G, SXR-1G, SXT-1J, SXR-1J, SXT-1K, SXR-1K
Optelecom Pico, Up-the-Fiber 4000, VBS2000, 9111D TETRA4000, TETRA5000, OCTA4000, OCTA5010, OCTA6050 Up-the-Fiber 4200, VDX2200, 9221D, 9281D, 9241D 9191D, 9341D, TETRA4200, TETRA5200, 9131D, 9231D, 9442D, 9152D, 9252D 4132B, 4185A, 9591 CCM1010
OSD OSD351, OSD353, OSD361, OSD365A, OSD381, OSD383, OSD461, OSD463, OSD8810, OSD8815 OSD690 OSD416, OSD418, OSD816, OSD8816, OSD8817, OSD818 OSD135, OSD138, OSD139 OSD158
OT Systems FTD100µ, FTD100M, FTD100, FT100 FT200, FT400, FT800, FT1600, FT2400, FT3200 FTD110DBµ, FTD110DBM, FTD110DB, FT110DF, FT120DF, FT110DR, FT120DR, FT110DB, FT120DB FT210DF, FT220DF, FT210DR, FT220DR, FT210DB, FT220DB, FT410DF, FT420DF, FT410DR, FT420DR, FT410DB, FT420DB, FT810DF, FT820DF, FT810DR, FT820DR, FT810DB, FT820DB FT010DB FT010CB, FT080CF
Pelco F8301 F8302, F8304, F8308, F8316 F85011 F85041, F85081 F8101

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