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Technical Support

Brian Gildea and John Nave provide comprehensive technical support for ComNet customers

Technical Support is technical post-sale support for problems relating to installation, troubleshooting and product defects only. Technical Support service is free to all users of ComNet equipment no matter where the product was purchased. Technical Support for the entire ComNet product line is available via phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contact ComNet Technical Support

Tel: 1 (203) 796-5300
Toll free: 1 (888) 678-9427

Discontinued Product Documentation

The following Installation and Operation Manuals are being made available for legacy products still in the field. If you are designing for a new application, please contact our Design Center to be sure you specify the latest transmission equipment.

FDX53 Instruction Manual
FVTFVR109(M,S)1 Instruction Manual
NW(1,2) (GEN1) Instruction Manual   |   Quick Start Guide
NWK(1,2) (GEN1) Instruction Manual   |   Quick Start Guide
NW(3,4) Instruction Manual   |   Quick Start Guide
NWK(3,4) Instruction Manual   |   Quick Start Guide
NW7[E] (GEN1) Instruction Manual   |   Quick Start Guide
NWK7[E] (GEN1) Instruction Manual
CLFE(X)EO(C,U) Instruction Manual
CLFE(X)IPS Instruction Manual
CLFE(X)UTP Instruction Manual
CLFE4US1TPC Instruction Manual
CNGE12MS  Instruction Manual
CNGE24MS  Instruction Manual
CNGE28FX4TX24MS No Instruction Manual available.
CNGE28FX4TX24MSPOE+  Instruction Manual
CNGE2FE16MS  Instruction Manual
CNGE2FE24MS  Instruction Manual
CNGE2FE24MSPOE  Instruction Manual
CNGE3FE7MS4  Instruction Manual
COMPAK50M2  Instruction Manual
CWFE(1,2)COAX[M]  Instruction Manual
CWFE(1,2)POCOAXA  Instruction Manual
CWFE1COAXPOEM No Instruction Manual available.
CWFE1POCOAXBM  Instruction Manual
CWFE8MS/DIN  Instruction Manual
CWGE24MS  Instruction Manual
CWGE28FX4TX24MS  Instruction Manual
CWGE2FE8MSPOE  Instruction Manual
CWGE9MS  Instruction Manual
FDX50M2/FDX51M2  Instruction Manual
FVR1C1B(M,S)1  Instruction Manual
FVR4C4B(M,S)4  Instruction Manual
FVT/FVRXA2C1(M,S)  Instruction Manual
FVT1C1B(M,S)1-M  Instruction Manual
NW8[E]  Instruction Manual
 Quick Start Guide
NWKED No Instruction Manual available.  Quick Start Guide
PS12DC-HT No Instruction Manual available.

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