Go-Green Initiative

As an environmentally-conscious company, ComNet takes great pride in doing all we can to preserve and protect the environment we live in.

There are several compelling forces driving the private and public sector to adopt a strategy for making their communications networks as environmentally responsible whenever possible. The recognition that there is a finite amount of energy available for operating power, and a finite budget for operations, has made most organizations very much aware that considering the impact to the environment is a viable and practical way to optimize their networks by consuming less energy, reducing life-cycle costs and the overall cost of ownership, and implementing conservation measures to best serve the public good.

ComNet products are designed to be highly energy efficient, ensuring the lowest possible power consumption.

ComNet has reduced our product packaging volume by as much as 35%. Product and component packaging are recycled, and all of our packaging materials are now fully recyclable.

Transport & Shipping
In addition to our reduced packaging volumes, ComNet has identified other opportunities to reduce the cost of shipping. We can populate our card cage units to your specific configuration requirements, significantly reducing total packaging and shipping costs.

Plant Operations
Our sales and warehouse facility in Europe meets the latest energy efficient building standards, and utilizes energy conservation features including motion-activated lighting, and a high efficiency HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system.

ComNet products are fully RoHS compliant to the 2011/65/EU directive.

ComNet maintains full compliance with the WEEE policy, per the 2012/19/EU directive.