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Introducing the 4 Port Self-Managed Switch
New 4-Port Switch Provides VLAN Capability, Prevents Network Flooding Without Programming
Comnet Introduces “Eco-Friendly” Initiative
Reduce, Reuse Or Recycle Initiative Designed To Minimize Impact On The Environment
CNFE4+1SMS Series
Introducing the 5 Port Self-Managed Switch
New 5-Port Switch Provides VLAN Capability, Prevents Network Flooding Without Programming
Comnet Enters High-Performance Video Market
Introduces HDMI Fiber Optic Video Link
FDW1000 Series
Comnet Extends Wiegand Transmission Distances
FDW1000 Series Provides Fiber Optic Distance Solution
Florida DOT Select Comnet As Fiber Optic And Ethernet Transmission Equipment Supplier
Florida Approves ComNet Products For Use On State Roadways Highway
Comnet Adds North America Trainer
Guy Walker Appointed North American Training and A&E Manager


CLFE4+1SMS Series
Comnet Combines Four Ethernet Channels On Single Coax Or RJ-45 And Extends Distance To 1500 Meters
Introducing CopperLine Extended Distance Four-Port Ethernet Over COAX/RJ-45 Switch
CLFE(X)EO(C,U) Series
Comnet Introduces CopperLine
Expands Ethernet Over Existing Copper Media Product Offering, Brings To Market As CopperLine Product Line.
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