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NW(1,2)[IC] Series (Gen 4)
ComNet Introduces Gen 4 Wireless Ethernet Solution
All new Cost-Effective Gen 4 NW1 Provides Increased Performance at Same Price Point
PoE Switch Manufacturers: Why Choose "Made in the USA"
Generations ago, our great-grandparents always bought things made in America; their only choice was to buy local. Today’s marketplace is globalized, and we have an opportunity to buy from anywhere. But, when it comes to PoE switch manufacturers, is “buying from anywhere” a good idea?
State of the Market Report on Video Surveillance
ComNet's Skip Haight contributes some interesting perspectives on the state of, and some of the challenges faced by security product manufacturers in 2021. (content hosted on another website)
ComNet Introduces Link Guardian Unidirectional Media Converter
CNGEMUMC4+2(TX, RX)/M prevents cybersecurity attacks from an unsecured entry point on the network reaching a secured part of the network by creating a hardware-based physical layer of protection.


Security Appliances: What They Do & How to Select Them
As appliances have added functionality to appeal to the enterprise market, they are moving farther afield from their roots as embedded, dedicated devices. Security Integrators must stay on top of their evolution. (content hosted on another website)
ComNet Adds Razberi line to product offering
Razberi solution suite combined with innovative ComNet communication products will enable companies to deploy a simple, secure, video surveillance system.
ACRE Acquires Texas-based Razberi Technologies
Razberi will significantly increase ACRE’s position in the communications and video market, enhancing the ComNet portfolio and providing complimentary technologies to its access control brands. Razberi products will now be available from ComNet.
CNGEMC4+2[POE][HO]/M Series
ComNet Introduces Intelligent Media Converter
New Media Converter allows for redundant connections while preventing network video flooding
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