Bright Blue Dual Voltage Power Supplies


Example of Bright Blue Dual Voltage Power Supplies

Availability: NA Only
The VBB-(X)ALS is being eliminated. Please contact ComNet Customer Care for last time buy information and elimination date.

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The VBB Series power supplies are efficient high performance switching power supplies with battery charger and power supervision, capable of providing two outputs, user selectable for 12 or 24 VDC. One output provides continuous output power and the second is programmable to either fail-safe or fail-secure lock operation, when the on board fire alarm interface is activated. On-board visual indicators allow for immediate installer feedback. Independent form C relay contacts are provided to report AC and system fault conditions to remote or auxiliary equipment. The VBB Series are uninterruptible power supplies when stand-by batteries are connected. VBB power supplies are fully fault protected and feature fiberglass printed circuit boards to protect the electronics from water and other corrosive elements. High efficiency design promotes low heat generation leading to longer service life. These power supplies are RoHs compliant, lead-free, and meet the latest state, federal and European requirements for energy efficiency.

Features for VBB-(X)ALS

  • Status indicating LEDs provide rapid indication of critical operating parameters.
  • For use with VBB or VLB Controller
  • User selectable voltage - Continuous or switched
  • Fire Alarm Interface - User programmable fail-safe or fail-secure operation
  • Battery Charging - Independent charging circuit meets stricter UL output tolerance requirements
  • Microprocessor dual rate charging restores battery sets from 4 to 40 Ah
  • Automatic switch over to battery when AC fails
  • Zero voltage dropout on battery transfer
  • Over load protection / short circuit protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • AC line transient voltage protection (passing 6kV ring wave test)
  • AC Fail Supervision (form “C” contacts)
  • System Fault Supervision (form “C” contacts) may be triggered by low/ no battery, short to earth ground and power supply failure
  • Programmable AC and System fault delays
  • Fire alarm interface for egress lock control
  • Cumulative AC and System fault counters (user resettable)
  • Monitoring of total battery service hours (user resettable)
  • Monitoring of total power supply run-time hours
  • Network or PC reporting of all system conditions

VBB-(X)ALS Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
VBB-3ALS75 W, 6A/12 VDC or 3A/24 VDC Switching Power Supply with Charger. 3 Year Warranty.
VBB-6ALS150 W, 12A/12 VDC or 6A/24 VDC Switching Power Supply with Charger. 3 Year Warranty.
VBB-10ALS250 W, 20A/12 VDC or 10A/24 VDC Switching Power Supply with Charger. 3 Year Warranty.
PDD-FTDC Fire Transfer Relay Module. 3 Year Warranty.
DCPM-1Adjustable DC Output Voltage Module. 3 Year Warranty.
PDM-4Low Voltage 4 Output Power Distribution Module. 3 Year Warranty.
PDM-8Low Voltage 8 Output Power Distribution Module. 3 Year Warranty.
PDM-9Low Voltage 9 Output Power Distribution Module. 3 Year Warranty.