Fiber Optic Cable Breakage Monitor/Detector


Example of Fiber Optic Cable Breakage Monitor/Detector

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The ComNet FDC1 single-channel and FDC2 dual-channel modems are designed to detect and report a breakage or the loss of optical signal in either multimode or single- mode fiber plants. Featuring a self-contained transmitter and receiver, these units provide an optical output that is transmitted continuously through a customer-furnished fiber loop, where it returns to the internal receiver section. Should the optical path be lost through a deliberate or unintentional breakage of the fiber, relay contacts in the modem immediately change their state and report the loss of optical signal. These contacts are user-configurable as either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), and may be utilized for either a local or remote indication of cable plant tampering, damage, or failure. The dual-channel version contains two independent transmitter and receiver units in one compact package, and is ideal for continuously monitoring the optical status of two separate fiber loops.

Features for FDC1/FDC2

  • One or two fiber loop units available
  • Instantaneously reports optical fiber breakage or damage locally or remotely
  • Dry relay contacts may be configured for NO or NC operation
  • Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation and no electrical or optical adjustments are ever required.
  • Voltage transient protection on all power and signal input/output lines provides protection from power surges and other voltage transient events.
  • Standard ComFit models are hot-swappable.


  • Fencing and Perimeter Surveillance: Optical fiber woven into fencing or other structures
  • Solar Panel/Photovoltaic Array (PVA) Theft Protection
  • Protection of High-Value Assets and Facilities
  • Continuous Status/Continuity Monitoring of Mission-Critical Fiber Optic Trunk Cables

FDC1/FDC2 Application Diagram(s) (1)

Application Diagram(s) for FDC1/FDC2

FDC1/FDC2 Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
FDC1MSingle Channel Fiber Break Detector. Lifetime Warranty.
FDC1SSingle Channel Fiber Break Detector. Lifetime Warranty.
FDC2MDual Channel Fiber Break Detector. Lifetime Warranty.
FDC2SDual Channel Fiber Break Detector. Lifetime Warranty.