Multi-protocol RS232/422/485 Data Transceiver featuring Self-Healing Ring Operation

FDX72SHR Series

Example of Multi-protocol RS232/422/485 Data Transceiver featuring Self-Healing Ring Operation

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The FDX72SHR Series is being eliminated. Please contact ComNet Customer Care for last time buy information and elimination date.

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-40 º to +75 ºC


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The ComNet FDX72SHR series Self-Healing Ring Transceiver unit is a fully-digital modem designed for implementing RS232, RS422 or RS485 2 or 4-wire data communications networks of the highest possible reliability. A network of FDX72SHR units can support one full-duplex or two half-duplex data channels. These transceivers also feature data translation to convert between data protocols. Data re-clocking and regeneration permit an almost unlimited number of transceiver/controller units to be used within the network. These environmentally hardened transceivers are ideal for use in unconditioned out-of-plant or roadside installations and, unlike many competing designs, only one optical fiber is required between units to implement a fully self-healing ring.

Features for FDX72SHR Series

  • Meets EIA RS232 and RS422/RS485 (2 or 4-wire) specifications (Simplex or Duplex Operation)
  • Two Data Channel Capability: One full duplex or two half-duplex channels
  • Only one optical fiber required between units for Fault Tolerant/Self-Healing Ring Operation
  • Full data re-clocking and regeneration: no limit to the number of transceiver units used within the network
  • Supports supervised multiple master architecture for unparalleled network reliability
  • Remote Fault Indication allows the user to determine when a fiber break or loss of prime operating power has occurred, or a transceiver in the field has failed
  • Status indicating LEDs provide rapid indication of critical operating parameters.
  • May be used to provide serial data protocol conversion between nodes (consult factory)
  • Robust design assures extremely high reliability in unconditioned out-of-plant/roadside environments
  • NTCIP compatible
  • Wide optical dynamic range: optical attenuators are never required
  • Voltage transient protection on all power and signal input/output lines provides protection from power surges and other voltage transient events.
  • Designed to meet full compliance with the environmental requirements (ambient operating temperature, mechanical shock, vibration, humidity with condensation, high-line/low-line voltage conditions, and transient voltage protection) of NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and the Caltrans Specification for Traffic Signal Control Equipment.
  • Standard ComFit models are hot-swappable.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • ComFit standard form factor is designed for wall, surface, rack, or DIN rail mount installations (using optional card cage or DIN mounting bracket).

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Application Diagram(s) for FDX72SHR Series

FDX72SHR Series Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
FDX72M1SHRUniversal Data Self Healing Ring. Lifetime Warranty.
FDX72S1SHRUniversal Data Self Healing Ring. Lifetime Warranty.