Ethernet over twisted pair or coaxial cable using VDSL2 (EoVDSL) technology


Example of Ethernet over twisted pair or coaxial cable  using VDSL2 (EoVDSL) technology

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The ComNet COMPAK1EOC contains two CNFE1EOC-M modems that support Ethernet over twisted pair or coaxial cable, at data rates of up to 90 Mbps. Ethernet data may be transmitted over a telephone-grade twisted copper pair, legacy serial cabling, or standard 75 ohm coaxial cable circuits, making this unit ideal for those applications where it is desired to utilize an existing installed base of copper wiring for Ethernet transmission. These modems are the perfect solution for upgrading a legacy twisted copper or coaxial cable plant for use with Ethernet, when compared to the significant costs of installing new network cabling. The fastest usable data rate is automatically selected, depending upon the transmission distance and cable quality.

Features for COMPAK1EOC

  • A ComNet ValueLine Product – Lower price: designed for installation in benign (0 to +60º C) operating environments.
  • Utilizes latest VDSL2 technology for fastest data rate transmission and greatest transmission distance
  • Ideal for multiple-channel Ethernet over VDSL applications where modem space may be limited
  • Supports transmission distances of up to 10,000 ft (3 km) over twisted copper, or up to 1500 ft (457 m) over coaxial cable
  • Symmetric line rates of over 91 Mbps
  • Automatically sets fastest possible data rate vs. cable quality and transmission distance
  • User-configurable master/remote, forward error correction, asymmetrical/symmetrical data, and long-reach/short-reach selection
  • IEEE 802.3 compliant
  • Screw Terminals for twisted copper circuits, or BNC connector for coaxial cable
  • Compact form-factor saves space in those installations where space may be at a premium.
  • Electric Port Supports Auto-negotiation for Full Duplex or Half Duplex Data Throughput


  • Ethernet transmission over existing copper telephone-grade, serial or 75Ω coaxial cable

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COMPAK1EOCEthernet over Twisted Pair or Coax, Small Size. 5 Year Warranty.

Running multiple signals in the same twisted pair cable could affect signal quality and is not recommended.