EoVDSL Drop-and-Repeat/Point-to-Multipoint over Copper Cable Transmission System


Example of EoVDSL Drop-and-Repeat/Point-to-Multipoint over Copper Cable Transmission System

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The ComNet VDSL3 consists of one each 10/100TX 8-port managed switch, one each 2-channel EoVDSL uplink modem, and a mounting chassis, to easily and inexpensively aggregate Ethernet-enabled equipment at remote field locations back to a central or head-end location over existing copper infrastructure. The VDSL3 is the perfect solution for upgrading a legacy twisted copper or coaxial cable plant for use with Ethernet, when compared to the significant costs of installing new network cabling. Utilizing the latest generation VDSL2 technology for the fastest data rate and greatest transmission distance, any standard telephone-grade twisted copper pair, legacy serial cabling, or standard 75Ω coaxial cable may be used. The easily configured 10/100 Mbps 8-port managed switch accommodates up to six Ethernet-compatible devices, with the other two ports allocated to the 2-channel EoVDSL uplink modem. The VDSL3 may be deployed in most out-ofplant installations, such as those found in intelligent transportation systems and factory automation/control applications.

Features for VDSL3

  • Designed as a very low-cost and simple to implement solution for drop-and-repeat Ethernet-over-copper transmission circuits
  • Provides greater flexibility and the same functionality as drop-and-repeat EoVDSL managed switches costing considerably more
  • Latest generation VDSL2 technology for fastest data rate and greatest transmission distance
  • Modular, Field-Expandable Design: Supports more than one EoVDSL channel by adding additional 2-channel EoVDSL uplink modems
  • Uses telephone-grade twisted copper pair, legacy serial cabling, or standard 75Ω coaxial cable circuits to create a drop-and-repeat/point-to-multipoint Ethernet-based network
  • Ideal for those applications where an existing installed base of copper wiring is available.
  • Automatically selects fastest usable data rate, depending upon the copper circuit transmission distance and cable quality.
  • Transmission Distances of up to 1.8 mi (3 km) between drops over twisted copper, or up to 1500 ft (457 m) between drops over coaxial cable
  • Designed for installation in harsh out-of-plant/unconditioned industrial or roadside operating environments (-40º to +75ºC ambient). Fully compliant with the environmental requirements of NEMA TS-2 for Traffic Signal Control Equipment
  • 120/240 VAC power supply included. The VDSL3 may also be operated from an external source of +12 to +27 VDC.
  • No fans or forced-air cooling; cooling via natural convection eliminates unreliable and troublesome fans/moving parts, with no periodic maintenance requirements.
  • Electric Port Supports Auto-negotiation for Full Duplex or Half Duplex Data Throughput


  • Industrial Security: ∙ Ethernet-compatible access control systems, intercom systems, and IP-compatible CCTV camera surveillance networks ∙ VOIP (Voice over IP) telephony networks
  • ITS/Transportation: ∙ Connecting Ethernet-based traffic signal controller units onto an existing twisted copper pair or coaxial cable circuit ∙ Video Detection Systems (VDS) for analyzing traffic flow patterns and disturbances

VDSL3 Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
VDSL31 × 8-port managed Ethernet switch with (8) 10/100TX ports + 1 × 2-Port Ethernet over Twisted Pair or Coax VDSL modem. Lifetime Warranty.