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10/100TX Drop/Insert/Repeat 6TX/2FX Ethernet Self-Managed Switch with PoE


Example of 10/100TX Drop/Insert/Repeat 6TX/2FX Ethernet Self-Managed Switch with PoE

Availability: Worldwide

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-40 º to +75 ºC






Made in the USA



The ComNet CNFE6+2USPOE provides 8 Ethernet ports operating at 10/100 Mbs and is designed to combine six electrical ports plus one optical port into a second optical port that forwards this data to the next CNFE6+2USPOE. The optical ports are designed to forward the data from the six electrical ports to the next switch, to a PC, or another Ethernet connection. In addition, the electrical ports can supply up to thirty (30) watts of power (“Power Over Ethernet”) to remote Ethernet devices. This product uses ST optical connections and can be supplied to operate over Singlemode or Multimode optical fiber.
There is no programming required to use this product. The product comes pre-programmed with IEEE 802.1x based VLAN management functionality, preventing network video flooding. It is “Plug-and-Play”. The sixth (6th) electrical port can be used to monitor the data flow from the optical port to permit “local” observation and diagnostics of the equipment. LED indicators confirm the operating status of this device. The ComNet CNFE6+2USPOE may be either wall mounted, rack mounted (“ComFit” packaging) or DIN-rail mounted with the use of the ComNet DINBKT1 adapter.

Features for CNFE6+2USPOE Series

  • No Programming Required
  • Optical port supports 100 Mbps full duplex data
  • IEEE802.3af Class 1 – 3 Power over Ethernet (PoE) 30W
  • IEEE 802.3 compliant
  • Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation and no electrical or optical adjustments are ever required.
  • Voltage transient protection on all power and signal input/output lines provides protection from power surges and other voltage transient events.
  • Designed to meet full compliance with the environmental requirements (ambient operating temperature, mechanical shock, vibration, humidity with condensation, high-line/low-line voltage conditions, and transient voltage protection) of NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and the Caltrans Specification for Traffic Signal Control Equipment.
  • Electric Port Supports Auto-negotiation for Full Duplex or Half Duplex Data Throughput
  • Standard ComFit models are hot-swappable.


  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • High Speed Computer Links

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CNFE6+2USPOE Series Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
CNFE6+2USPOE-M8 Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Self-managed Switch 2FX Multimode, 6TX (PoE)