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Mini Environmentally Hardened High Throughput Wireless Ethernet Kit

NWK7/M Series

Example of Mini Environmentally Hardened High Throughput Wireless Ethernet Kit

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The NetWave NWK7[E]/M environmentally hardened High Throughput (HT) wireless Ethernet transmission kit includes a Client and an Access Point. This single radio model is pre-configured for high throughput point-to-point applications and comes with an integrated 16dBi, 30º beamwidth antenna. The NW7[E]/M supports up to 240Mbps throughput using MIMO technology. The units can be powered by an 802.3af PoE compliant device or through a sold separately PoE injector. The NWK7/M is FCC certified for use in North America and the NWK7E/M is ETSI, DFS and TPC certified for use in the European Union. The NWK7[E]/M is an ultra-small form factor addition to the ComNet NetWave product family.

Features for NWK7/M Series

  • High throughput
  • IEEE802.3af PoE-Compliant PD
  • 802.11a/n Compliant
  • Distances up to 2 mi (FCC) or 2km (ETSI)
  • Environmentally hardened for deployment in difficult unconditioned out-of-plant and roadside installations
  • Meets class IP67 dust and water immersion protection standards
  • ETSI Standards (EU Region only): – DFS Dynamic Frequency Selection – TPC Transmit Power Control
  • Secure transmission: WPA2 – AES or TKIP encryption
  • ComNet Antenna alignment feature eases installation and setup
  • RF Spectrum Survey Tools
  • Antenna Alignment Tools
  • Status indicating LEDs provide rapid indication of critical operating parameters.
  • Radio Internal Components covered by Lifetime Warranty
  • Enclosure covered by Three Year Warranty
  • Electric Port Supports Auto-negotiation for Full Duplex or Half Duplex Data Throughput


  • High Throughput Back Haul Link for installations that require connecting to more than one Ethernet device
  • Simple to deploy and cost-effective alternative to physical connections to Ethernet edge equipment
  • Integration of Ethernet where right-of-way issues mandate wireless communications
  • ITS traffic signalization networks and Video Detection Systems (VDS)
  • Multicast traffic-based video systems
  • ITS roadside and city center CCTV surveillance, and surveillance of high-value or mission-critical assets
  • Wireless communications in manufacturing, petrochemical refineries, wastewater treatment facilities, and other industrial automation and control applications operating in harsh or out-of-plant environments
  • Electrical substation video and perimeter surveillance

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