Industrially Hardened DC-Battery Power Management System


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-25 º to +75 ºC

The NetWave® NWKBB200 DC-Battery Power Solution provides consistent power for your devices in locations where power is on a timer or they have frequent blackouts or brownouts. The NWKBB200 supports AC input ranging from 110 to 277 VAC, and can also support higher voltages using a Step Down Transformer. The intelligent controller distributes power to the load and batteries when AC power is available and instantly switches over to DC output only when AC power is lost. The kit includes valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, outdoor enclosure, mounting hardware and Smart DC-Battery Power Controller. The aluminum outdoor enclosure has two 180° door hinges and a pad lockable latch for security. The enclosure has built in mounting brackets that support pole and wall mounting.

Features for NWKBB200

  • Power supply, battery charger, battery care module and battery backup module in one controller
  • Three battery charging modes - Boost, Trickle and Recovery Charge
  • Absorption Glass Matt (AGM) Batteries included
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Battery diagnostic and fault identification LED built in
  • Several output protection features such as short circuit, deep battery discharge etc.


  • Ideal for PoE Camera connectivity at light poles when power is only provided at night when a used with a PoE Switch
  • Emergency DC-Battery Power Backup for critical edge devices
  • Simple to deploy DC-Battery can be used indoors to backup Access Control, Automatic Revolving Doors, Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting and many other applications

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NWKBB200 Ordering Information

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NWKBB200Individual DC-Battery Backup system with Smart Controller, Enclosure, Batteries and Mounting Kit. 1 Year Warranty.