Industrial DIN Rail Mounting 60 Watt @ 48 Volt Power Supply


Example of Industrial DIN Rail Mounting 60 Watt @ 48 Volt Power Supply

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48 V


-40 º to +71 ºC


DIN Rail

The ComNet PS-DRA Series offer a complete range of high quality, low noise switching mode power supplies of various output sizes ideally suited to the entire ComNet industrial product range that require 48VDC power input. These rugged units are DIN rail mountable, providing an ideal mounting configuration to a mating ComNet industrial switch or any product using our range of DIN rail mounting adapters. The wide ambient operating temperature range permits installation in most out of plant and unconditioned environments, such as those found in intelligent transportation systems or factory automation/industrial control applications. Unconditional line and load protection is provided.


  • Auto Select 115/230 VAC Input Voltage
  • Adjustable output voltage range support
  • High operating efficiency; up to 86%


  • Power Supplies for ComNet Industrial Products

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PS-DRA60-48AIndustrial DIN Rail Mounting 60 Watt @ 48 Volt Power Supply

☞ Power supplies provided in North America only. The power supplies provided with ComNet products are designed for benign 0 º to 50 ºC applications. Hardened power supplies are available; consult the factory to select the right power supply for your application.