Smart Card and Keyfob Credentials

LEAF Credentials

Example of Smart Card and Keyfob Credentials

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With Credit Card

A full line of durable and reliable smart credentials with factory programming, including off-the-shelf and custom encryption keys, standard and unique bit formats, choice of facility codes, and ID ranges to tailor credentials to meet your specific needs. In-stock credentials are programmed with a 37-bit format to ensure that no cards are duplicated in future orders. Full-color, custom printing and custom programming are available by special request. To place a custom order, please contact our Customer Care team.

LEAF Credentials Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
50h4LEAF.h4 (4 Kbyte) ISO Card (Pack of 25). Lifetime Warranty.
60h8LEAF.h8 (8 Kbyte) Keyfob (Pack of 25). 3 Year Warranty.

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