Dealer Application

Upon review of the application you submit, a ComNet representative will contact you to complete the application process. They will request additional information about your Customer Types, Primary Market, Other Fiber Optic/CCTV/Access Control Manufacturers Used and Key Contact Information. Please have this information ready in preparation for the call.

THE ABOVE DEALER hereby makes application to participate in the ComNet Authorized Dealer Program. By submitting this application, Dealer understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions of the program.

  • Dealer agrees to provide its best commercial effort to obtain a sales volume of ComNet products in a dollar amount of not less than the minimum amount (on an annualized basis) from the Dealer Level selected.
  • ComNet shall have the right to monitor the Dealer’s purchases under this program each ComNet fiscal year. Should the Dealer not maintain a sales volume sufficient to successfully fulfill the purchase requirements of the Dealer Level selected, ComNet shall have the right to adjust the dealer’s participation level. If the Dealer’s sales volume is less than the minimum Dealer 1 level, ComNet reserves the right to place the account in an inactive status. ComNet agrees that any account defaulting into an inactive status will change to inactive and the Dealer must re-submit a new dealer application and re-qualify in order to purchase direct from ComNet.
  • Should the Dealer exceed the maximum sales volume established for the Dealer Level selected, ComNet agrees to reassign the Dealer to the next higher Dealer Level. ComNet shall continue to monitor the purchasing activity on a yearly basis, making adjustments accordingly. ComNet agrees that any account qualifying for a higher discount status will be given notice in writing 30 days prior to the discount change.
  • For acceptance of this application by ComNet, Dealer must substantiate the ability to successfully achieve the sales volume for the Dealer Level applied for. ComNet reserves the right to lower the Dealer Level requested or deny this application, should information received be insufficient to justify the Dealer purchasing direct from ComNet and will be provided with a list of ComNet Authorized Distributors in which to purchase ComNet products.
  • The Dealer is an independent contractor and is not in any way an employee of ComNet. Dealer or Dealer’s employees, subsidiaries, agents or affiliates are in no way legal representatives of ComNet for any purpose and do not have any right or authority to enter into any obligation, expressed or implied, in the name of or on the behalf of ComNet.
  • Dealer expressly acknowledges that the product(s) and all related technical data and information are subject to U.S. export controls and regulations and agrees that they will not be sold or transferred in any way to any destinations contrary to the requirements of the U.S. law.