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How to assign a VLAN ID to a port on a dual port wireless bridge


The NW9 Wireless Bridges support IEEE 802.1Q protocol so you can encapsulate traffic at the port level.

This is typically done when traffic from two VLANs (e.g. Voice and Data) are completely isolated on their own hardware but trunked over the wireless bridge.


NW9 Version 1.82


Switch 1: CNGE2FE8MSPOE+ (

Switch 2: CNGE2FE8MSPOE+ (

Switch 3: CNGE2FE8MSPOE+ (

Switch 4: CNGE2FE8MSPOE+ (

Wireless Bridge Kit: NWK9 (AP:



VLAN 10 (Data)

VLAN 20 (Voice)

Sample Configuration

Note: This guide only covers the VLAN configuration on the radios. Confirm your switches are properly configured and radios are linked.



Port 8 is used at the uplink port on all switches and tagged to the appropriate VLAN.

Ports 1-7 are untagged Access Ports assigned to the appropriate VLAN.

The NWK9 kit is used in this example.

The Following Steps are the same for both the Client and Access Point Radios.

  • Login to the desired radio.
  • Select the Network Tab then VLANs Tab.
  • Check the Enable VLAN Check Box as shown.

  • Save and Apply

Under VLAN Ethernet Trunk, Configure your ports as shown above

Setup VLAN 10 to Port 1

  • Enter “10” for VLAN ID in the first dialog box
  • Leave priority as 0
  • Select Wireless Inferface
  • Select Eth0.N (note: Eth0.N is port 1)
  • Save Changes

Setup VLAN 20 to Port 2

  • On the bottom left, select Add
  • Enter “20” for VLAN ID in the first dialog box
  • Leave priority as 0
  • Select Wireless Inferface
  • Select Eth1.N (note: Eth1.N is port 2)
  • Save & Apply Changes

Once Both radios are configured and plugged into the appropriate device, your network should be fully operational and isolated.