How to factory default a NetWave Radio


If you lost the IP address or Login credentials to a NetWave Radio, follow the instructions below to reset to factory defaults.


NetWave Wireless Generation 1 and 2

NW1*, NW2*, NW7*, NW8*, NW9* and NW10*.

*all variations included.


The first step is to determine which radio you have.

Generation 1 Radios have a light blue enclosure and 4-LED Label on the back of the unit.

Generation 2 Radios will have a beige enclosure and a 6-LED Label on the bottom with an external reset button.

Generation 1

The reset button for the Generation 1 radios is internal. The enclosure will need to be opened and the button will need to be pressed while power is on to reset the radio. ComNet does not recommend doing this outdoors. Please remove the radio from site and proceed in a lab environment.

While on a test bench with power applied, undo the screws holding the enclosure pieces together.

Gently open the enclosure but keep in mind some cables will be attached to the front panel so you will not be able to open completely.

Locate the reset button located next the power input on the PCB Board, Shown Below.

While looking at the LEDs on the back of the enclosure and powered on, press and hold the reset button till the RSSI4 blinks slow then release.

Note: The approximate release time is 8-10 seconds. You may need to attempt this a few times to get it. Make sure the unit is powered on and fully booted up before attempting.

0-3 Seconds

RSSI4 will stay on solid

3-8 Seconds

RSSI4 will blink fast

8-10 Seconds

RSSI4 will shutoff then blink slow. This is when you want to release the reset button. Hold it too short or too long and the radio will simply reboot.

Once reset, your radio will be set to factory defaults.

Default IP:

Dual Radio NW8:
Individual Radios (NON Kit)
Kit Radios (NWK Models)

Generation 2

Generation 2 Radios are much simpler to reset.

Simply locate the reset button on the bottom of the radio.

Press and Hold the reset button for 7-20 seconds then release to reset the radio.

When you firmly press the reset button, the Power LED will shut off. Once released, the Power LED will turn on. Use this to verify that you are pressing the button firmly.

0-5 seconds

Pressing the reset for less than 5 seconds will reboot the radio, not reset it.

5-30 seconds

Pressing the reset for 5-30 seconds will reset the radio to factory default, Beyond 30 seconds will reboot the radio.

All generation 2 radios will reset to the IP address.

Note: Generation 1 Kit radios are hard-coded for AP or Client Mode. APs are hard coded to the address while Clients will default to the address.
Generation 2 Kits are not hard-coded to AP or Client. All Generation 2 radios default to Client mode at the IP address. Be prepared to do additional programming when resetting a Generation 2 Kit.