Product & System Topology Selection

Once the environmental conditions of the site are understood the wireless system can be designed. Product selection will be based on the environmental factors and the amount of data (information) that each wireless link needs to support. At this stage the topology of the system can also be established.


Throughput of a wireless link is the data rate that the installed link can support. This figure cannot be looked upon as static as it changes dynamically with the varying environmental conditions stated above. When looking at the throughput figures of the Netwave range, customers should design systems based on 65% of the stated best throughput figure. Any wireless link’s throughput will reduce with increased distance (increased interference) and as such the 65% design rule is a good practice to follow. Throughput supported on Netwave product ranges from 95Mbps to 180Mbps, where the throughput figures quoted are best case laboratory condition figures. Netwave products can be mixed and matched in a system based on the performance requirements.