North American Training

Remote or on-site training is available for all customers. Contact the Trainer in your territory to get additional information on how to get started.

Classroom Courses

ComNet provides a collection of predefined courses in a classroom environment. These can be in a private setting or an open format with many different customers. They are meant to be a truly educational experience by leaving out the commercial sales tactics and focusing on making sure the concepts and material make sense to all attendees.

Basics of Fiber Optics Transmission1OV-COMN-CT-0516-1
Basics of Ethernet Communications3OV-COMN-CT-0516-314-4219
Advanced Ethernet Communications2OV-COMN-CT-0516-2
Networking in Harsh Environments214-4190
Wireless Ethernet Network Design2
Retrofit Design Considerations2
Cyber Security for Physical Security2
Hands-On Ethernet Switch Training*2-4

*This course may have an associated fee